Kitchen and Cooking for lazy people

Hey there. Thanks for checking out who built this site. My name is Steve and I’m the chief editor here.

Cookerybarn was created with the goal of providing a resource with simple tips and guides to help you get along in the kitchen. If you are anything like me, you love good food but are often too lazy to prepare an elaborate dish with hours of planning and preparation. But with little tricks, you can save a lot of time and still enjoy a good and healthy meal.

We’re no pros or trained chefs either. We just enjoy cooking, fiddling around in the kitchen and trying out the latest gadgets.

The site is pretty new, so there is not much content on here yet. But we’re adding new posts every week, and looking forward to grow cookerybarn as a helpful resource for cook enthusiasts.

If you have questions or ideas to share, please just shoot me a message.

Happy cooking.