Can You Freeze Farmer’s Cheese?



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Farmer's cheese

In this article, we’ll explore one of the finest cheeses to be discovered by humans.

Farmer’s cheese can be made with goat, cow or sheep milk mixed with vinegar.

A delicious treat, made from the simplest of ingredients, can be added to multiple dishes due to its versatility. 

If you make it at home, you may need to store it for further use. In general, freezing is a great option, but is this also true in this case?

Can you freeze Famer’s cheese?

Yes, you can freeze farmer’s cheese for about 2-3 months. But the taste and texture will deteriorate. So make sure to prepare thoroughly that negative effects are minimized.

What is farmer’s cheese?

Farmer’s cheese is essentially pressed cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is produced by draining the water from cheese curds. When cottage cheese is further pressed to remove excess moisture, it becomes farmer’s cheese.

Farmer’s cheese is harder than cottage cheese and is more acidic in taste. It is a very young cheese and is consumed in this early stage of its life. 

It can be made from goat, sheep or cow milk by adding vinegar or rennet. The milk curds and the cheese gets separated from the water. 

Does farmer’s cheese freeze well?

Due to being a high moisture cheese, farmer’s cheese loses part of its texture upon freezing. This is similar to other moist cheeses. So when freezing Boursin Cheese or freezing cottage cheese, for instance, you will have the same effect.

The water inside the cheese expands upon freezing and later contracts when it is defrosted. This changes the molecular structure of the cheese, causing some changes in texture and taste.

Fret not, however, as farmer’s cheese is comparatively dry and will not change as much.

You should consider freezing your farmer’s cheese. It is preferable over losing the cheese to decay if you do not plan on consuming it anytime soon. 

How to freeze farmer’s cheese

Freezing farmer’s cheese is not an extensive process. You only require airtight containers and a freezer. 

Step 1: Portion it

Separate your farmer’s cheese into the portions you intend to use it in.

Step 2: Pack it.

Place the farmer’s cheese into an airtight container or freezer bag. Remove as much air as possible. You can even use a vacuum sealer to help.

Step 3: Put it into the freezer

Place the farmer’s cheese inside the freezer and keep it at a temperature of 32°F or lower.

How long can you freeze Farmer’s Cheese?

You can keep the cheese in the freezer for about 3 months without extensive damage to the quality.

A longer period of time will certainly result in a greater loss of flavor and texture.

How do you defrost farmer’s cheese?

You can defrost farmer’s cheese in multiple ways. Let’s look at a few together.

Method 1: Fast thawing

You can place the cheese in the microwave straight out from the freezer, after transferring it from the airtight container to a bowl. Turn the microwave on and thaw the cheese in spaces of 30-45 seconds. 

Method 2: Slow thawing

You can transfer the cheese from the freezer to the refrigerator’s vegetable drawer, without removing the airtight container. Let it thaw overnight and place it at room temperature the next day for 2-3 hours.

Out of both methods, Method 2 is the most preferable. The reason for this is that the gradual decline in temperature ensures minimal loss of texture and taste. If you are short on time, however, you can consider Method 1, which is the quickest.

What can you use farmer’s cheese for?

Farmer’s cheese can be used in sandwiches, as a filling for lasagna, blended with sour cream and yogurt to make a dip, or even served with crackers as an appetizer.

Its unique taste makes it an excellent pair with almost any dish.

Let’s review some frequently asked questions about farmer’s cheese.

Does farmer’s cheese need to be refrigerated?

Yes, farmer’s cheese needs to be refrigerated to ensure it lasts. Due to its high moisture content, it may promote microbial growth if not properly stored.

How long does farmer’s cheese last inside the fridge?

Farmer’s cheese, if sealed in a container, holds on for about 1 week inside the fridge.

Can I use farmer’s cheese instead of cream cheese?

Farmer’s cheese has a firmer texture and a tangier taste which can be overpowering. To neutralize this, you can add sour cream to it to match the consistency of cream cheese.

Is farmer’s cheese similar to ricotta?

The two are very similar in regard to their usage in cooking. However, farmer’s cheese is more resistant to the powerful flavor of other fermented foods like olives. Ricotta is used predominantly in desserts. 

How can you tell if farmer’s cheese has gone bad?

There are 3 ways to determine if farmer’s cheese has gone bad. 

1. The color of the cheese has changed from white/off-white to green or black
2. The cheese smells like sour milk.
3. The taste of the cheese is off. 

If any of these signs are present in your cheese, get rid of it. 


Farmer’s cheese is a semi-hard, moist cheese that can be used in various recipes. It comes from cottage cheese, one of the oldest cheeses known to mankind. 

We discussed how to freeze this cheese, and whether freezing it is a good idea in the first place. We also explored related queries to the freezing process. 

Furthermore, we hope you learned more about this amazing delight reading our article.

Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.


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