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Grilled hot dogs on a hot dog buns with mustard and ketchup.

It is pretty tough to find someone who doesn’t love hot dogs. But I can opt-in for a delicious hot dog anywhere, anytime, be it as a snack or a meal. 

And it is also a fact that some people just can’t stop eating hot dogs, and they even store them in their freezer. And if you are one of those people, you might think of storing it in the freezer so that you can taste a delicious bite when you want. 

But, can you freeze hot dogs? Yes! You will be pleased to know that hot dogs do have a fairly long shelf-life, but if you want to store it properly, you may be able to extend their shelf-life even further!

You can freeze hotdogs for roughly two to three months, but you have to follow certain guidelines to store them properly. 

How to Freeze Hot Dogs?

Here is a thing about raw hot dogs, when you purchase, you have to reach home as soon as possible and put them in the freezer! 

The lesser time it stays exposed to outside, the better it is as there will be lesser chances of microbial growth. 

If you didn’t open up the package, you could directly put the package in the freezer! But we recommend you wrap up the original plastic bag in aluminum foil, freezer paper, plastic wrap, or put it in freezer bags. Then, add the label of the date of freezing and the use-by date, and freeze.

You can follow these steps to store your hot dogs efficiently –

Step 1: Drain and Wrap

Here is what you should do with the package you opened up.

  • Drain your hot dogs.
  • Wrap them in plastic or saran wrap and put them into a freezer bag or container.
  • It works great when it comes to preventing freezer burns. 

Step 2: Seal the Bag or Container

Whichever you use, be it the freezer bags for meat or container, do not forget to seal them tightly. You cannot let the outside air come in contact with the package. 

Step 3: Label Up

After sealing the bags or containers, add the labels. Write the date of freezing and the use-by date. It will help you keep track of time, as you can only keep hot dogs frozen for three months in the freezer!

Step 4: Freeze It

After putting in the labels, transfer the bags or container to your freezer. And it’s done!

Do Hot Dogs Freeze Well?

The majority of the hot dog types do freeze unimaginably well.

However, some may not freeze well, depending on the ingredients used in the making.

It is also a fact that you are less likely to find out any such difference if you properly freeze them and use them in time.

How Long Can Hot Dogs Be Frozen?

As we have already mentioned, you can freeze your delicious hot dogs for at least two to three months in the freezer! However, for the best quality consider only freezing them for about 2 months.

Also, to store your food for so long, you have to follow the procedures devotedly. And storing hot dogs is pretty easy!

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How to Defrost Hot Dogs?

Hot dogs do freeze well but need to be fully defrosted before you plan on eating them.

Take some of the hot dogs out of the freezer the day before you plan on eating them, put them in a bowl, and let them defrost in the freezer. Defrosting hot dogs can take a lot of time. Therefore, we advise you to let it defrost overnight in the fridge.

So, if you put it in the fridge before going to bed, it will be ready by the next morning.

Can You Refreeze Hot Dogs?

If you plan to refreeze hot dogs, I want you to give it a second thought.

Well, it is not a good idea to refreeze your hot dogs, and this also applies to defrosted or cooked hot dogs.

We strictly do not advise you to refreeze your hot dogs as it downgrades the food, especially those prepared using meat. Furthermore, it promotes bacterial growth, and if you consume this, it can make you sick!

When you freeze and heat the food, bacteria take this chance and ruin the quality.

Instead, you take out a few hot dogs at a point in time while keeping the rest in the freezer!

Freezing Different Types of Hot Dogs

Can You Freeze Wieners?

Yes, of course, you can freeze wieners. Wieners are also termed hot dogs. Now that you know that these two are the same thing, you can freeze your wieners or hot dogs in the freezer!      

Can You Freeze Hot Dogs In Their Package?

Yes, absolutely. If you have not opened up the package yet, wrap up the entire package with a foil. Then, put in a freezer bag or a freezer-suitable container, and freeze!

Can You Freeze Hot Dogs And Sauerkraut?

I see no potential reason that says not to freeze these two together. You have already learned about how to store hot dogs in the freezer in the earlier part of this article.

But, to store sauerkraut, you need to cool it down. Once cooled, make portions out of it, put the portion into freezer bags, and freeze!

But, here is the fact that freezing may destroy the crunchy texture of the fermented cabbage.

Can You Freeze Hot Dogs And Beans?

Beans also freeze exceptionally well, so there is no reason for you not to freeze beans with hot dogs.

All you have to do is put these into freezer bags, seal them well, and freeze!

Can You Freeze Hot Dogs In A Jar?

Yes, you can. But, the jar should be freezer safe. Before putting them in a jar give your hot dogs a good wrap with foil. Then place them in the jar, seal it tightly, and freeze! Direct freezing hot dogs that are packaged in a jar may not be the best choice because the jar is probably not sturdy enough to withstand freezing. I would not take that risk.

Can You Freeze Beef Hot Dogs?

Beef hot dogs taste awesome but have a shorter shelf-life. Yes, normally, you can freeze hot dogs for around three months, but specifically, beef hot dogs can only stay for a month or two in the freezer.

Other processes like wrapping and labeling remain the same, but you can only store it for roughly two months in the freezer!

Can You Freeze Hot Dogs After Opened?

Yes, absolutely! Refer to the given outline above if you have already opened the package and want to store it. No matter how long you finish it, your hot dogs will go to waste.

Can You Freeze Cooked Hot Dogs?

Yes, you can if you wish. But we do not advise you to freeze cooked hot dogs as the quality can downgrade to some extent, and you won’t have that taste you got the last time you ate a fresh hot dog.

Can You Freeze Hot Dogs After Cooking?

Yes, but it will only ruin the quality and textures of the hot dogs.

Can You Freeze Uncooked Hot Dogs?

Yes, yes!

To freeze and store uncooked hot dogs, refer to the guidelines above in this write-up. And you will know how to freeze your uncooked hot dogs.

Can You Freeze Grilled Hot Dogs?

If you have a love for grilled hot dogs, then let me tell you, you can freeze them!

You have to provide them with a nice tight wrap and put them in a freezer bag or container. Seal the bags or container tightly, and freeze.

Do you know how long a grilled hot dog will last in the freezer? It lasts pretty long, around four months. Isn’t that amazing?

Can You Freeze Dry Hot Dogs?

Yes! Devotedly follow the steps outlined above, and it’s done. You can freeze them for two months in the freezer.

Hot Dogs Ideas

Here are some of our best hot dogs ideas –

#1 County Fare

Inspired by things from a county fair. You may treat yourself with this at least once in a lifetime. All you need is hot dogs, Canadian cheddar, beef chili, and the majestic trio of relish, mustard, and ketchup.

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#2 Pizza Dawg

If you are a vegetarian, here is something that may work out for you!

Get some buns, hot dogs, green olives (perfectly sliced), mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and onions.

After baking it, top it with cheese, and it is ready to taste!

#3 Bacon Mac N’ Cheese

When it comes to hot dog ideas, surely we couldn’t miss this one.

Line the slivers of the macaroni and bacon with the buns. Add the cheese, and when baked, top it with creamy coleslaw.

This is the hot dog variation that has been making our mouths water!

By the way, if you use turkey bacon and don’t use it all up, you could also freeze it.

Other Interesting Questions

Can you eat year-old frozen hot dogs?

You should not even think of eating year-old frozen hot dogs. Not only is it bad, but also it can become hazardous for your health.

Can you eat expired frozen hot dogs?

Bottom line, that’s a “No.” Nobody would love to eat expired hot dogs, and you shouldn’t.


So, can you freeze hot dogs? Yes!

Now that you know it, you can treat yourself to some tasty hot dogs anytime. You may also try our recipes, and I bet you will love them. Remember, hot dogs can stay for two months.

Happy Cooking!


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Hi, I’m Steve, and I’m the founder and chief editor at I'm by no means a trained chef but I enjoy good food, fiddling around in the kitchen, and trying out the latest gadgets. My goal is to create a place where anyone interested in cooking and learning about the kitchen can get easy-to-follow practical advice. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
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