Can You Freeze Mint Leaves?



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Mint is that ingredient that can add a delicious zing to any drink or dish. But the fact is, this ingredient is not available throughout the year. But is there a chance of freezing it so that you can get fresh mint leaves and use them anytime you want?

Yes, of course! You can freeze mint leaves for nearly three months! But when frozen properly, you extend its shelf-life even more! Want to know how?

Then read this article till the end!

How to Freeze Mint?

Now that you are positive about freezing and storing mint leaves, let’s get started with it. So before you start with the process, you should know that you can freeze mint leaves in three possible ways! We will talk about the three different processes, but first, you need to prepare the leaves for freezing!

Prepare the Mint Leaves for Freezing

If you are to freeze your mint leaves, make sure you choose the healthiest and the freshest of all you can find in your garden or when buying from the store! Not just mint, every herb is full of flavors and elements when it’s morning. So, consider freezing them while it’s morning.

After collecting a bunch of fresh and healthy leaves, give them a nice rinse! And do it nicely and gently, as these leaves are prone to get tinted. Only pick the leaves that are in proper shape. After rinsing them, air dry them.

Before you proceed to the freezing process, make sure they are perfectly air-dried. Once dry, they are ready to freeze!

Freezing Leaves in Water

If you wish to extend the shelf-life of your mint leaves and also hold their color and freshness, this is the technique you have got to use –

This technique is pretty fun as well. To do this, you can keep the leaves in their original sizes or chop them a bit.

First, get those ice trays out from the freezer. Simply put the herbs into the sections add some water into the sections. Make sure you do not fill the sections to the brims, as excessive water will make the leaves float. Simply right?

Now, simply transfer the trays into the freezer let the trays be in there for at least two hours. When done, pop the herb cubes off the tray, and transfer them into a freezer bag or sealable plastic bag. Squeeze out the air and tightly seal it.  

Again, do the labeling work, and put it back in the freezer!

Flash Freezing

Flash freezing is a great technique for freezing mint leaves. You can do this if you are planning to use the leaves anytime soon.

So, take a baking sheet or tray and line up the mint leaves all over the tray. But make sure that the leaves do not come in contact with each other, leaving a sufficient amount of gap between the two leaves.

Then, put the tray in the freezer and simply let it freeze for an hour or two. When done, take out the tray from the freezer. Take a freezer bag or sealable polythene bag, and transfer the frozen leaves in the bag.

Squeeze and get rid of the air present in the bag, seal tightly, put the date of storage, and put it back in the freezer!

Freezing Leaves in Oil

If you are looking forward to storing your mint leaves for making soups, sauces, or stews, you should embrace this technique! This technique is solely designed for this purpose only!

So, all you have to do is put the leaves in the mixer, add 1/4th cup of olive oil, and turn the mixer on. Mix it until the herbs get perfectly blended and appear a bit chunky.

Now, take your ice-cube tray out of the freezer, and pour the mix into each section. Do not fill the sections up to the brim, as there will be chances for the mix to overflow. Once you complete, put the tray in the freezer, and let it freeze for two hours maximum.

When done, simply pop the cubes out of the tray transfer the herb cubes in a plastic or freezer bag. Remove the air, seal tightly, label it up and freeze!

What Happens If You Freeze Mint?

Freezing mint is the best option if you want to hold on to its freshness, vibrancy, and aroma! Normally, it can be easily frozen for three months in your freezer. But if you dry, dehydrate and roast it before you freeze, you can keep them in your freezer for six months!

How Long Does Mint Last In The Freezer?

Mint is a pretty resourceful herb, and you can use it for blending drinks, baking, cooking, and what not! If you wish to store your mint leaves, freezing is the best option by far. It can be frozen for 3 months!

However, if you take some time and dry and dehydrate them properly, you can keep them frozen for as long as six months!

How to Defrost Mint?

When it comes to defrosting mint, there are no procedures as such! If you are to use the frozen mint leaves for drinks or cooking, you can add them directly to the dish as the frozen mint leaves will get defrosted due to the heat.

For drinks, all you have to do is pop the frozen mint cubes directly into your drink. The leaves will get defrosted as you drink!

Can You Refreeze Mint?

Once you’ve defrosted the mint, it’s not ideal to refreeze them because it ruins the flavor and texture. Although it’ll still be safe to consume, the taste won’t be the same. 

Freezing Different Types of Mint

Can You Freeze Mint Sauce?

If you can freeze meat, why not mint sauce? Yes, you obviously can freeze mint sauce! For this, your ice-cube tray will surely come in handy! Fill the sections with sauce, and freeze! Later, transfer the cubes into freezer bags, seal and label, and put them back in the freezer!

Can You Freeze Homemade Mint Sauce?

Yes, yes! You can! I see no possible reason for you not to freeze the homemade mint sauce. Simply follow the steps you would follow when freezing mint sauce, and it is done!

Can You Freeze Mint Simple Syrup?

Yes, you can freeze simple mint syrup for later use! But, the chances are that it will not freeze perfectly solid like an ice cube. This is because the mint simple syrup has high sugar content.

Can You Freeze Mint Brownies?

Yes, you can do it too.

Brownie with mint leaves on top
Cake chocolate brownies with mint.

All you have to do is transfer the brownies into sealable plastic bags, seal the bags tightly, and put the bags into a large freezer bag, seal it tightly. Put necessary labeling, and freeze!

Best Tips for Freezing Mint

  • If you are going to freeze the leaves in water, always mineral or distilled water if possible. As these reduce the possible chances of confirmation after defrosting the leaves.
  • Never forget to air dry the herbs before freezing, as air drying further extends the shelf life of mint leaves.

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Mint Ideas or Simple/ Favorite Recipes

Mint Tea

Ever tried mint tea? If not, you must! It is quite simple. All you have to do is put a sprig or two in a mug of hot water and cover it. Allow it to steep for a couple of minutes, and it is done.

Do try it with a dash of honey!

Mint Ice Cubes

If you are looking for instant refreshment, you can try the mint ice cubes. Prepare the mint tea, and freeze using your ice cube trays. Let it freeze!

You can add it to your glass of water, lemonade, or any juice you like!

Chocolate Dipped Mint Leaves

Who does not love to eat something sweet after having dinner? Then why not try chocolate-dipped mint leaves? Try it, and you will never be able to get over its taste!

Other Interesting Questions

Can You Freeze Fresh Mint Without Water?

Yes, why not! If you want to freeze fresh mint without oil or any liquid, follow the flash-freezing technique! And it is done!

Can You Freeze Mint Leaves For Smoothies

Yes! When you are freezing mints for smoothies, or any drink, try freezing mints in water. Simply follow the outline above in the article, and you can freeze mint leaves for any sort of drink.


Now that you know that mint leaves can be frozen, you can use the techniques to your advantage! As we all know that mint is a very versatile ingredient that is not available annually, so take the chance!

Refer to the outline above in the article, follow the technique, and you can get the ever-refreshing, aromatic, and colorful mint leaves anytime you want.


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