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The expiration date may be close; your fridge may be packed to the brim; you may have received a package of premium mustard that you don’t want to see go to waste. These are just some of the reasons why you thinking about freezing mustard. 

But can you freeze mustard? Yes, you can freeze mustard. I recommend freezing it on ice trays, thawing it in your fridge, and using it as a main topping on Montreal hot dogs. There’s a method to freezing mustard properly, and I plan to compress my decade of cooking experience in this small mustard-freezing guide, so let’s start. 

Mustard can be frozen, although many people I know never even considered this an option. It can sit inside a fridge for an entire year after all, so why shouldn’t I freeze it? 

What Happens if You Freeze Mustard?

When you put mustard in a freezer, it solidifies remains almost the same in terms of substance and taste. It may smell a bit differently, but that mainly depends on the type of mustard you’re freezing.

How To Freeze Mustard

Freezing mustard prolongs its shelf life by up to four months. You can empty the contents of a mustard bottle in a mason jar, but I prefer ice trays, as they offer far more convenience during the thawing process. Let’s start from the top:

Step 1: Choose a Freezer-Friendly Container Type

Store-bought mustard can come in various packages, most of which are unsuitable for freezer use. It can be a small tube, a large plastic container, or a glass jar. Before freezing your mustard, you should first place it in a freezer-friendly container. 

Ice Trays

The pockets of an ice cube tray are perfect for creating small blocks of mustard. Typically, thawing smaller chunks is faster and easier, and it allows you to choose how much you want to thaw. 

Press the bottle and fill the pockets; once the mustard stops coming out, cut the bottle/container in half, and pick out what’s left with a spoon. 

Mason Jars

You can use mason jars similarly to ice trays, although you’ll forfeit the benefit of thawing smaller chunks. Mason jars are somewhat larger than average ice trays, so you’ll be able to freeze more mustard by using them. On the downside, they’re easy to break and can make quite a mess. 

Plastic Box

Although it’s hardly a convenient option, using a plastic box to freeze large quantities of mustard is worth considering. However, getting them frozen mustard out will be neither graceful nor easy, and you’ll inevitably lose a bit on spoon-digging. 

Step 2: Label the Container

Mistaking mustard cubes for ice cubes can ruin your day. To avoid this, place labels on your freezing containers. I usually add the expiration date and estimated thawing date, just to be sure. Make sure that the labels are waterproof. 

Step 3: Put the Containers in the Freezer

It is as simple as it sounds. The hardest part of freezing mustard was rationing it. Ideally, you should place it far back to avoid temperature shifts. This is particularly important for old and poor-quality freezers. 

How Long Can You Freeze Mustard?

In my experience, frozen mustard can be used within three to four months upon thawing. Once frozen, the expiration date ‘freezes’ as well, so don’t be afraid to use your frozen mustard even past the stamped date. 

How to Defrost Mustard?

You can defrost mustard in your fridge, microwave, or in a bowl placed with warm water. I recommend fridge-thawing simply because it’s easier than alternatives. Speaking of which, these are the three main options at your disposal:

Microwave Thawing

The “defrost” function on your microwave can be used for thawing frozen mustard cubes, although I don’t recommend it. It may alter its flavor and cause its texture to become soggy.

It’s viable if the drop in quality doesn’t matter and you need thawed mustard within the next ten-fifteen minutes. 

Fridge Thawing

My favorite technique for defrosting mustard, simply because it’s the most versatile. You can thaw mustard stored in any kind of freezing container this way, and the only downside is its time-consuming nature. 

Water Thawing

Place the frozen mustard in a bowl with lukewarm water and let it rest for roughly ten minutes. Stir whenever needed to help break the ice faster. This option is not healthy unless you use the mustard within the next hour to ninety minutes. Otherwise, it will be attacked by harmful bacteria. 

Can You Refreeze Mustard?

You can refreeze your mustard, but it will turn soggy and watery, plus its taste will be much weaker and off-point. 

Freezing Different Types of Mustard

Can you freeze Dijon mustard? Since it’s high-quality mustard, it can be frozen for longer-than-average periods. Dijon mustard can freeze up to a year. 
Can you freeze mustard seeds? Commercially-packaged mustard won’t spoil, so you don’t need to freeze them. 
Can you freeze mustard greens? Yes, but use freezer wrap instead of trays/jars. 
Freezing Different Types of Mustard Yes, freeze it regularly as any other mustard. There is a possibility of a slight flavor alteration. 

What to Do With Frozen Mustard?

Mustard is practically meant to be used on hot dogs, but there are many other meals I love using it on. You can enrich almost any salad with it, particularly potato or onion-based salads. 

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It’s an essential part of my version of the English breakfast, as well as of any meal containing deli meat and eggs. Another easy example of using mustard is in a sandwich. Although many people love it, I don’t find the tuna-mustard mix particularly appealing, but you’re free to try it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Way to Store Mustard?

Ideally, it should be stored in its original packaging. If you’ve opened and somehow ruined it, you should place your mustard in a glass jar and keep it in the fridge. 

How Can You Tell if Mustard Has Gone Bad?

Even if you somehow miss the sinister growth on its surface, you won’t miss its odor. Rancid mustard has a very strong smell. If it’s in the earliest stages of turning bad, it can be pretty hard to tell, so always make sure to keep it stored in the fridge and be mindful of the expiration date. 

Do You Have to Refrigerate Mustard Once Opened?

Yes, it needs to be kept in a fridge at all times once opened. Otherwise, it will attract harmful bacteria. 

How Long Can You Store Homemade Mustard?

Your homemade mustard can be fridge-stored for a full year. However, I recommend using it a bit earlier, just to remain on the safe side. 


Mustard is easier to freeze than meat or poultry, but you can see why it’s harder to thaw. Without the refreezing option, try your best to use it as soon as you thaw it or discard it. Consider ice trays for freezing mustard, regardless of its type. For larger quantities, stick to mason jars. 

If you’re freezing or storing your mustard differently, I’d like to hear all about it, so leave a comment in the section below. Feel free to check out my other guides, and remember, it’s always better to freeze it than to let it go to waste. Until next time, enjoy your meal. 


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Hi, I'm Maggie. I love cooking for my family and sharing my experiences from the kitchen.
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