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Tortellini dish with peas.

Tortellini is a delicious and versatile pasta used in a variety of dishes – from soups to salads. But what if you have leftover tortellini or want to make a large batch to stock up?

Can you freeze tortellini?

Yes, you can freeze tortellini usually for about 2-3 months without sacrificing much of the overall quality. However, it’s important that you do it right to avoid freezer burn or texture changes.

In this guide, we’ll give you tips on how to freeze tortellini so it stays fresh and delicious longer. Whether you’re a busy cook or enjoy meal prepping, learning how to freeze tortellini can save you time and money while still providing a delicious and convenient meal.

How to Freeze Tortellini

If you have too many tortellini or you want to make them all in one batch and save something for later when you don’t have time to prepare fresh pasta, the best way is to freeze them. 

How do I freeze them in the best way? I use two ways to do that, I freeze tortellini cooked as well as fresh. 

How to Freeze Cooked Tortellini?

A lot of people asked me, can you freeze cooked tortellini? Of course you can. It takes about 9 minutes to cook the tortellini. So cooking them is not difficult. However, freezing them is something else entirely. If you want to freeze cooked tortellini, there is one thing you need to do to prevent them from turning to mush when thawed.

Step 1: Briefly cook the tortellini

To preserve their texture I cook them for five minutes. In this way, they are firmer to the touch but still cooked. From here, it’s like learning to swing. Very easy.

Step 2: Storage and freezing

I put them on flat trays, to allow a homogeneous distribution without overlapping each other. Once placed in the freezer, one night, or at least 6 hours, will be enough for them to be frozen to perfection. Freezing tortellini this way will help you to avoid sticking to each other.

You can choose how you want to pack your tortellini, in hermetically sealed bags or containers.

  • I put cooked tortellini in containers and
  • fresh ones in hermetically sealed bags.

Also important:

  • They must cool down well before they are packed because in that case condensation is created, as well as mold.
  • Before I close the bags, I try to get as much air out of them as possible.

How to Freeze Fresh Tortellini?

You can make tortellini by yourself, or get fresh frozen tortellini at convenience stores, and if you do, you should eat them as soon as they thaw. But now you have made or bought too many and wonder if you can freeze fresh tortellini?

Yes, you can. Freezing fresh tortellini is not much different from freezing cooked ones.

Fresh tortellini covered with flour.
Freezing fresh or homemade tortellini

Step 1: Sprinkle the tortellini

Do you have flour lying around? Okay, dust the tortellini with flour. Lightly dust both sides with flour and let them rest for 5 minutes each. Don’t be scared, tortellini are made with flour. If you’ve made them yourself, you should know by now. 

Step 2: Quick Freeze

Quick freezing helps you set the tortellini and prevent them from sticking together as it freezes. I usually use a silicone baking mat and a baking sheet. The mat is to prevent the tortellini from sticking to the pan. I place each of them at a certain distance and put the tray in the freezer so that the tortellini freeze.

Step 3: Storage and Freezing

When the tortellini is frozen, I take them out of the freezer, shake off any excess flour that may be on the tortellini, and place them in a vacuum-sealed bag. Get as much air out as you can before closing it. Also, don’t forget to label the bag before you put it in the freezer to freeze it. I never leave frozen tortellini in the freezer for more than three months.

Does Tortellini Freeze Well?

More or less everything can be frozen, including tortellini: the important thing is to put them first on a tray in the freezer and only after they are frozen put them in space-saving bags. Just make sure the tortellini aren’t touching and they will freeze well.  It’s a good idea to freeze it when you have leftovers or a large number of fresh tortellini. Many wonders if they will turn to mush when thaw, but when I want to avoid that, I freeze the tortellini before cooking. 

Pros of freezing cooked tortellini

  • It will last much longer than it would last in the fridge.
  • Frozen tortellini can be cooked directly from the freezer, there is no need to thaw it.

Cons of Freezing Cooked Tortellini

  • Texture may change after thawing.
  • It can be moldy if not dried well.
  • They can stick to each other.

Pros of Freezing Fresh Tortellini

  • Does not change texture if properly stored.
  • The taste remains the same after months of being frozen.
  • Ideal when you don’t have dinner, just take out the frozen portion and put it in boiling water.

Cons of Freezing Fresh Tortellini

  • Takes up space in the freezer.
  • It can be a little bit tough.

How Long does Frozen Tortellini Last?

As mentioned above, in my experience it is best to freeze tortellini for about 2-3 months. After this period, the quality usually deteriorates quickly.

So if you want them to taste as close to fresh ones as possible, don’t freeze them for too long.

How To Defrost Tortellini

Fresh frozen tortellini can be boiled to eat straight from the freezer without being left out to thaw.

Frozen cooked tortellini, on the other hand, can be stored in the fridge to thaw overnight. I mostly cook them in broth:

  • meat broth for the traditional ones,
  • vegetable broth for herb, and ricotta tortellini.

This will enhance the flavor of the filling which, together with the egg pasta, is the real star of the dish.

Tortellini contain raw eggs that must be kept at a food-safe temperature to prevent bacteria from growing. 

Can You Refreeze Tortellini?

I would not recommend it. Defrosting and refreezing food is a highly discouraged practice due to the nutritional and health problems that could result from it. Usually, frozen foods must be consumed within 24 hours of defrosting and after cooking, to destroy the microbial load.

Freezing Different Types or Variations of Tortellini

Variation Answer
Can you freeze cheese tortellini? Yes, you can freeze cheese tortellini. It’s best to freeze it after cooking and cooling it down.
Can you freeze Buitoni tortellini? Yes, you can freeze Buitoni tortellini. It’s best to freeze it before the expiration date and follow the storage instructions on the packaging.
Can you freeze tortellini soup? Yes, you can freeze tortellini soup. It’s best to freeze it in airtight containers or freezer bags.
Can you freeze tortellini salad? You can freeze tortellini salad but I’d not recommend it . Freezing can affect the texture and quality of the salad. It also depends a bit on the ingredients.
Can you freeze homemade tortellini? Yes, you can freeze homemade tortellini. Freeze them individually on a baking sheet and then store them in an airtight container or freezer bags.
Can you freeze cooked tortellini? Yes, you can freeze cooked tortellini. Freeze it in airtight containers or freezer bags after it has completely cooled.
Can you freeze spinach and ricotta tortellini? Yes, you can freeze spinach and ricotta tortellini. It’s best to freeze it after cooking and cooling it down.
Table with Tortellini variations to freeze

My Recipe – A Good Idea to Try Out

 Tortellini with sour cream sauce and cheese

Recipe by MaggieCourse: MainCuisine: Italian, MediterraneanDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time



Easy tortellini recipe with sour cream and various cheese.


  • tortellini – 18oz fresh

  • water – 5 l

  • salt – 1 pinch

  • For Sauce
  • garlic – 1 clove

  • butter – 1 tbsp

  • olive oil – 1 tsp

  • fresh milk – 200 ml

  • sour cream – 300 ml

  • parmesan – 50 g

  • mozzarella – 50 g of grated (optional

  • pepper

  • nutmeg


  • Pour water into a pot with a pinch of salt and let it boil.
  • When it boils, add the tortellini and cook for 10 minutes until done. The amount of water to the paste should be a liter of water per 100 g of paste.
  • Peel garlic, grate it and chop finely.
  • Put olive oil in a pan and heat on a hot plate, add garlic and simmer for a few seconds, add sour cream and milk, stir and let the sauce boil.
  • When it boils, cook for a few minutes until the liquid evaporates.
  • Drain the tortellini, put cheese, pepper and cashews in the sauce to taste, stir until the cheese melts and add the tortellini.
  • Stir, cook for a few minutes and sprinkle with parmesan.
  • Remove from the heat and serve and sprinkle with grated mozzarella if desired.


  • Tortellini can be served with salad and bread and different types of sauces like tomato sauce, cream sauce, and pesto. Also, they can be served as dessert, in that case, they can be filled with marmalade, chocolate or cream filling. My favorite is tortellini with chocolate filling.

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Question My Friends Frequently Ask Me

Should frozen tortellini be thawed before cooking? 

You don’t need to thaw tortellini before cooking. When you’re ready to cook frozen tortellini you just need to drop the frozen pieces in boiling water and boil it a little longer, about four to six minutes. 

How long cheese tortellini can stand in the refrigerator? 

Cheese tortellini should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than two to three days. Otherwise, cooked tortellini can be refrigerated within two hours of cooking. 

How long does Tortellini last in the Fridge?

The shelf life of tortellini in the fridge depends on various factors such as the method of preparation, ingredients and storage conditions. As a rule, freshly prepared tortellini will keep up to 2-3 days in the refrigerator if stored in an airtight container. Cooked Tortellini can usually be stored for up to 4-5 days. But this also depends on the sauce and other factors.


If this is your first time freezing tortellini, don’t be afraid, you will see that it is very easy. Follow these guidelines and you can’t go wrong. It’s not complicated and it is very useful when you are a tortellini fan like me, you always have dinner ready in ten minutes. I didn’t succeed the first time either, but practice makes perfection, it will get better every time. 


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Hi, I'm Maggie. I love cooking for my family and sharing my experiences from the kitchen.
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