Various types of dry, uncooked pasta in bowls.

Can You Freeze Uncooked Pasta?

Pasta is a must-have food in our kitchens. Dry pasta is not only a very versatile ingredient, but it is also very practical to always have in the pantry. Its useful life is very long and allows us to have … Read More

delicious tortellini pasta salad on blue plate

Can You Freeze Tortellini Pasta Salad?

Tortellini pasta salad is one of the most iconic meals of the summer. It’s perfect for family barbecues, camping, and beach picnics. Because it’s so popular, this meal is usually made in large batches, and one day you may end … Read More

Cooked Spaghetti on a green plate.

Can You Freeze Spaghetti?

Macaroni, spaghetti, ravioli, tagliatelle… Just how delicious pasta can get! You cooked more pasta than you could eat and now don’t know how to store it correctly? So you must be wondering, can you freeze cooked spaghetti? The quickest answer … Read More

Tortellini dish with peas.

Can you Freeze Tortellini?

Tortellini is a delicious and versatile pasta used in a variety of dishes – from soups to salads. But what if you have leftover tortellini or want to make a large batch to stock up? Can you freeze tortellini? Yes, … Read More

Liverwurst with toast and pickles.

Can You Freeze Liverwurst?    

Liverwurst is one such delicacy that is ruling the cuisines of Europe.  You would need many ingredients to prepare this, but the question is can you freeze it to extend its shelf life? Yes, the best option to preserve liverwurst … Read More

Dumpling dough gets prepared.

Can You Freeze Dumpling Dough?

You can freeze dumpling dough, and it’s something I would recommend over freezing premade dumplings any day of the week. Dumpling dough freezes better and is much easier to ration. Doing so will prolong its shelf life by several months, … Read More

Dumplings in a green bowl

Can You Freeze Dumplings?

Cooked or raw, empty or filled with your favorite toppings, dumplings can be frozen quite simply up to three months, considerably extending their shelf life while retaining most of their usual taste, flavor, and texture. The process isn’t complicated, but … Read More

Jelly donuts on a wooden board

Can you Freeze Jelly Donuts?  

Yeast freezes somewhat decent while jelly freezes moderately good, so in short, you can freeze jelly-filled donuts with a bit of good planning. If you’ve prepared a decent batch, but for whatever reason can’t manage to eat them all with … Read More

Ravioli with tomato sauce

Can You Freeze Ravioli?

Making ravioli is a labor of love to many while purchasing a batch is probably not the cheapest thing to do when you’re hungry. That being said, I’m almost certain no one wants to throw an ounce of their precious … Read More